Smile with a furry smile

Hi there!

There are many places in the Internet dedicated to the furry fandom. You can find lots of furry art, stories or forums. This site is also a furry one. Actually it`s about one kind of pixel-art called smiles.

The idea was to collect as many furry smiles, as I can find, in one place. And give other furries, who love graphical smiles, a useful interface to use them in blogs, forums or create emotions themes for im-clients.

By the way, if you do have your own furry smiles and you look positive to share them with the other furry users, just write me a letter. We`ll talk it about.


Art at the logo belongs to Damalia and is used with her permission.

All the smiles belong to their creators.

Design, composing and programming of the site were made by Shushik. You can use any part of it, if you like to wear somebody else`s socks.

Available sets: